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Digital Media Experts

Committed to providing an exceptional service in developing stunning websites that simply work and creating online marketing campaigns which make our customers real money.

Who we are

ABE Media aren’t a web design agency in the traditional sense - more a small collective of highly-skilled individuals with years of experience in creating functional yet beautiful products and new business opportunities for a socially-connected digital world.

Rather than pride ourselves on flashy offices or big corporate investments, we take pride in innovative, user-friendly web applications, beautiful artwork and forward-thinking digital marketing campaigns.

Open Source Projects

  • Jekyll PDF

    Generate PDFs from Jekyll pages, posts & documents.

    Website Repository

  • jQuery Smoove

    A simple jQuery plugin for super sexy scrolling effects using CSS3.

    Website Repository

  • jQuery Contextify

    A lightweight jQuery plugin for creating Bootstrap powered context menus.

    Website Repository

  • jQuery Google CSE

    A lightweight wrapper around Google's Custom Search Engine featuring a Bootstrap theme.

    Website Repository

  • jForms Module

    A Joomla module for creating AJAX forms from Joomla Forms XML specifications.

    Website Repository

  • Timeline Component

    A Joomla Component for creating beautiful interactive timelines.

    Website Repository

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