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New website online

New website online

We have finally launched our new site with a fresh website design. As you might have noticed we have stripped out quite a bit of clutter to make our website clearer and simpler to navigate.

There’s still more to come so it’s still not 100% done but since we’re really busy with client work at the moment it might still take a while so we didn’t want to hold back any longer!

So what’s new?

Not only have we completely redesigned our site to make it faster & improve usability, we have also added a few new bits.

  • Portfolio - After stripping a lot of our older projects out of the portfolio, we’ve given the layout a makeover featuring nice big images, a couple of testimonials (more to come) and a cool jQuery sliding effect. Visit our website design portfolio and click on the little “Next” button on the right hand side to check it out.
  • Our Team - We figured you’d probably like to know who designs the websites at ABE Media, so we’ve removed all the technical blurb about server structures etc. from the about us page and replaced it with a little photo and introduction about ourselves.
  • Blog - To keep you up to date with what’s happening at ABE Media and share occasional tutorials or website design & SEO tips we’ve created this very blog you’re reading. Watch this space!

What’s next?

  • Resources / Downloads - From being in the web design & development trade for over 7 years now we’ve accumulated a fair number of PHP scripts, in particular Joomla extensions, which we’ve written for our clients. Where am I getting with this you ask? Exactly! As soon as we have a little more time on our hands we will be cleaning them up and sharing them right here on
  • Ticket Support - You might have noticed a slightly slower turnaround on support requests lately. This is due to the sheer amount of emails we’re getting these days so to ensure we can provide top notch support for you - our valued customer we’re currently implementing a support system which will be launched in July.

All in all ABE Media has come a long way and as you can imagine we’re busier than ever right now so this is all I have time for but be sure to check back soon as there’s more exciting developments to come!

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